What is Get Gifty With It?


Get Gifty With It starts with me, Russell. Sup?


Thanks for checking out my site! 

 I started my journey to Get Gifty With It as the Director of Sales for Best Gift Idea Ever/ Fire & Pine (2008-2017). With one single table in the River Street Market in Savannah, GA back in summer 2008, I worked tirelessly for years with my team to perfect these products and produce the highest-quality gifts that are also manufactured completely in-house!

Over time, we expanded from one single booth in the market, to a totally huge presence, taking over a quarter of the building itself!

Like any other stubborn Taurus, I wanted to venture out on my own. Be my own boss. 

So in 2019, I bought the shop!  :0)

Now, I work in conjunction with my good pals at Fire & Pine/BGIE to create these one-of-a-kind laser etched signs that brought you to our site today!

With our ears to the ground, Get Gifty With It will be able to bring the most exciting designs to this distinctive line of home décor! With a unique 15%-20% price reduction, along with several GGWI EXCLUSIVE designs, Get Gifty With It is fully committed to the highest quality production and customer service. 

So please, check back often as we are constantly uploading new products and ideas, and we promise you're going to love everything you purchase here!

Keep it nerdy,