*Limited* Signed Copies start at $25.99
National Parks, Baseball Stadiums, & more
Every day objects come to life in a new way.
The legendary trail laser-cut on wood.
*Limited* Signed Copies start at $25.99
National Parks, Baseball Stadiums, & more
Every day objects come to life in a new way.
The legendary trail laser-cut on wood.

Laser Cut Wood Patents

Official U.S. Patents Laser-Etched in Premium Pine Wood. Designed & Burned in the Lowcountry.

Handgun Patents on Wood

12 products

Medical Art on Wood

12 products

Star Wars Patents on Wood

13 products

Disney Patents on Wood

7 products

Film and TV Patents on Wood

26 products

Sports Patents on Wood

18 products

Music Patents on Wood

9 products

Tech & Toy Patents on Wood

14 products

Kitchen & Bar Patents on Wood

15 products

Animals on Wood

12 products

Vehicle Patents on Wood

16 products

Cosmic & Trippy on Wood

15 products

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They dig us, we know you will too!

Just wanted to say thanks again for all your hard work on this order. I gave the print to my dad yesterday and he loved it. There was definitely an added level of appreciation once I told him how much effort went into it. You guys are great. Thanks so much!

Eliza A.

The wall map will always lead me to fond memories of purpose, places, and people. Thank you and your team when completing my daughter's order.Still, when I look at the wall map I can  look past the memories and see the talent, time, and tenacity it must have took to complete the task. I think you would have made good rangers...

Joe A.

My wife loves her gift and she now wants one for every trip we take.

Rob H

If you are looking for a unique, well crafted gift, you have come to the right place. I ordered a custom piece after purchasing a map of Hilton Head Island from them in Georgia. Russell was very responsive and the design he came up with surpassed my expectations. They make cool gifts for someone who has it all.

Brenda W

My mom ordered me and my friend a custom map of Ossabaw Island which is where I work. They did a fantastic job! It looks beautiful and they even got all of the small details including all the roads correct. They even added a small sea turtle to it, which is what my job works with. I will definitely recommend this company to friends and family!

Hayley S

I ordered a large custom piece from Russell after seeing their products in Savannah. They added a few custom locations to the map that I had made and were so easy to work with. It came out amazing and we are so happy with it! Cannot recommend them enough for beautiful wall pieces.

Lesley P

My son received the Key West piece you made.  He absolutely loves it!!  Thank you so much! Worth the wait🙂

Dolores T

I can’t even begin to say how much I love this sign!! Great job!! After the holidays I will call you about another one.

Lisa H.

Thank you so much ! Love the sign.  Will be back one day and swing by for another sign 

Kristine D