How are the etchings made?

Lasers, baby. Really, really big ones.

For the Custom Etched Maps and Patents, we've partnered LOCALLY with Fire & Pine in Ridgeland, South Carolina (between Savannah & Hilton Head Island, SC). Your purchase supports small businesses DIRECTLY!

"How are these made?" is typically the most common question we get, second only to "Where's the nearest bathroom?".

The etchings are quite literally BURNED into the wood using industrial strength, Co2 tank powered lasers (OMTech 60W-80W & various other Industrial models), and the super-fine detail is credited to an unbelievably developed production flow, along with skillful graphic design, and a knowledgable woodworking staff to top it all off!

There are several "stages" involved with getting the wood ready to take on the blast of the laser, and some of these stages are simply waiting for things to dry naturally. Some involve longer etching sessions due to denser wood, and some timeframes may move much faster. Each design is truly unique in every regard.

How do I get my area made?

We'll generate that for you. Once we've got your details, we'll email you the artwork first for your approval. The information used to make your design is pulled from the most current GIS mapping information, so if you're in a new development, we'll be sure to find you in the system. And if we can't, we'll draw it in manually!