Current Lead Time Projection (3/14/22): Store Pickup: 1-2 Weeks, Delivery 2-3 weeks. Customs are 2-3 weeks from approval of design.

From start to finish (and depending on the size), a sign usually takes around 4-5 days to complete. The lead time will fluctuate, so refer back for updated times.

*Custom Orders*: the turnaround time projection starts when your custom image has been approved, so please don't delay on approving your image!

Yes, but there's a catch.

Custom Maps - We generate the map for you! There is a one-time $100 design fee for new maps, plus the cost of the sign itself.

Please check the Catalog to make sure your city hasn't already been made to avoid the custom fee!

Custom Patents - Send us the Patent # and we'll do the rest! Must be a verifiable patent from the US Patent Office.

Custom Logo - Send us your company logo and have it etched in wood!

Custom Blueprint - Must be a hi-res scan, pdf, jpg, cad, ai, illustrator file. Use a "Patent Sizing Chart" for price quotes.

We cannot do any photographs of people or pets. The images are being burned, not printed. The two techniques are very different.

Yes, just as with any commission job, the artist needs to be paid before any work begins on the project.

A good head-start would be by looking at the amount of roads, waterways, lakes and highways (along with sports stadiums and airport runways) in your field of vision on Google Maps. Our starting point is generally centering the city/town, and zooming out to catch a few square miles radius outside the city limits.

This is really where YOU get to take charge of the image! Zoom out as far as you like, or zoom in on a neighborhood! The possibilities are wide open!

Refunds: If you are not happy with the final proof and feel you would like to cancel your order, we can refund the cost of the sign and the shipping. We CANNOT refund the Custom Fee as the design work was completed as ordered.

You will have the option to receive a refund for your purchase minus the custom fee. Custom fees are non-refundable.

This is the most common question concerning custom orders, and rightly so. We work with expert Graphic Designers and highly skilled CAD programmers to ensure that every sign meets the rigorous criteria set. The custom fee covers designing the images, assigning burn depths and extracting extra detail that the programs don't recognize. A sample may also be burned to ensure proper leveling.

Our recommendation is to keep your requests as simple as possible. People love to scan the maps up close to see if certain areas have been represented. There is a risk with assigning too many labels that it may obscure part of the map you may have wanted on there. Please keep all labels to 3 max, and Titles to 1-3 lines of text.

Don't get caught in "the loop"! We've coined the term, "the loop" to describe an endless cycle some customers may find themselves in when they try to take too much creative control over the final look. While it is extremely important to us that you are happy with the final products appearance, we implore you to trust our artists vision and to not tie them up with too many alterations.

Yes! If you'd like to be specific about a particular area to be represented, simply send a screenshot of Google Maps to, and we'll use that as a base for our image.

Alternatively, you can send us a hi-res digital file of a map for transposing, although it must meet certain criteria:

1. Must be a hi-resolution map of no less than 300dpi

2. Must be clear, traceable lines. No photography shots.

3. We use to find a majority of our Historic Maps. Local library websites are a great resource too!

No. The exposed grain tone is determined by several factors including, but not limited to: source of wood, storage temperature, weather, etc. It is near impossible to predict how dark the tones will be on the final product.

One thing is for sure, each piece is unique and will have a different grain pattern every time!

It's an art, not a science. Well, maybe a little science.

We cannot give refunds for common wood imperfections such as: knots, knibs, tannins, small digs and cuts not caused by production, exposed knots obscuring street detail on unpainted signs, grain bleed, or "not enough grain detail". Refunds will be determined by any damages seen with photographic proof within 3 business days of receiving the artwork.

You may however, qualify for a 50% off reproduction. Change the color for no additional charge.

Since this is an experimental process (and wood grain is always going to be different), there will be variances in grain definition and knot placement every time. No two pieces will ever be alike, ever. Each situation will be "case by case", so please send clear photos along with a detailed message to and we will reach out to you promptly.

It's worth repeating that we will not give refunds for common wood imperfections such as: knots, knibs, tannins, small digs and cuts, exposed knots obscuring street detail on unpainted signs, grain bleed, or "not enough grain detail".

Please see our Refund Policy for more information.

Yes! We know it can be a long wait, however the shop is usually stocked with all sorts of great artwork!

Keep in mind that we cater to travelers and typically keep on hand maps of Savannah, Hilton Head, and Tybee Island much more than other cities. We also regularly carry a large variety of Pop Culture, Guns, Video Game, and Sports Patents in various sizes and colors.

Check our store hours and contact info on the homepage under Store Information.

Yep, we're not Amazon quite yet. We DO have the lowest possible rates for Small Business UPS and USPS shipping (Up to 70% off Standard Ship Rates), and we do our own shipping in house, not from outside fulfillment services. So yes, we're in that garage wrapping your orders and getting them to the post office before it closes!

For full transparency, the cost of shipping is determined by these fixed costs: labor, custom boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, label paper, and the shipping cost itself.

Yes! We can change the shipping address right up until the very day it's set to ship. Send an updated shipping address to

Yes, please try to have your request in within 3 business days of placing your order. After that, it is not guaranteed we can change the color.

Email Russell with your order # at to request your color change.

Yes, we can change the size of the board before it goes into production. It is best to have your request in within 3 business days of placing your order.

Send your size change request and order # to Russell at

We can certainly accommodate overnight RUSH mailing, however production is still a tricky process and cannot be hurried along in any way.

A product may be considered a RUSH if it's a re-creation for an imperfection that occurs during the production phase.

We've had very little success in transferring pictures of people and animals. We are working on a solution to this and will have more updates in the future.

Order confirmations are auto-generated and emailed or texted to the contact information you provided at checkout. For emailed confirmations, check your spam or junk folder just in case. For phone confirmations, please make sure you typed your number in correctly.

Please contact Russell at if you need a copy of your receipt.

Yes! At checkout, click the "Store Pickup" option. We'll call you when it's ready!

Yep! We are open every day! Scroll to the bottom of the homepage to see updated store hours as they can vary by season.

Currently we do our shipping every Thursday & Friday from 9am-5:30pm EST. Tracking numbers are generated automatically once the shipping information is plugged in.

Make sure to check your spam folder just in case!

Pine wood is used as the base material, and comes from many different sources all over the country.

That would depend on a few factors. Please send your inquiries to Russell at

Currently we only offer the Best Gift Idea Ever letter art matting and framing from the website. For Custom Letter Art purchases, please head to

We will entertain bulk orders of 50 pcs or more for a different kind of wood, but we cannot for individual orders. That would interrupt the flow of production too much.

Yes! Our relationship with Fire & Pine / Best Gift Idea Ever goes back to the very inception of these great product ideas from day one.

As a founding member and Director of Sales of BGIE for 8+ years, GGWI Owner & Founder Russell Shostak enjoys the unique position of being a one of the original creators of both Fire & Pine/BGIE product lines, respectively. From concept to execution, marketing and sales program design, Russell, along with the amazing team at F&P/BGIE, took a few simple ideas and launched them into a multi-million dollar a year powerhouse.

"Get Gifty With It is the culmination of the many years spent developing the skills I needed to branch out on my own, and to be my own boss. I get to work with my friends who've been apart of my professional working life for longer than any other company I've been with, and I get to have full control over the customer service experience and the product lines we carry." - Russell

Get Gifty With It is a separate entity and is not responsible for any orders placed with Fire & Pine or Best Gift Idea Ever's website, and alternatively they are not responsible for orders placed on our website.

With Get Gifty With It, you will enjoy unfettered accountability for your orders management, efficient custom map creation, and a guaranteed lower retail price than any of our competitors.