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Historic Disney Patents will give you all the feels.

Big feels. The patent for Mickey Mouse even has Walt Disney's signature which has been digitally traced and LASER CUT into premium PINE WOOD! I mean, come ON! Classic roller coasters and a gorgeous Cinderella's Castle dollhouse patent design are the perfect gift for any hardcore Disney buff. Pro tip: the Seaglass color works really, really well with Disney art. And the bigger size you go, the more grain detail you will see!

Click any design to view the artwork in different color and sizes.

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Cinderella's Castle
  • From $59.99

Mickey Mouse - Patent
  • From $59.99

Dumbo Ride (DisneyLand)- Patent
  • From $59.99

Collage - Disney Patents
  • From $109.99

Lake Buena Vista, FL - Street Map
  • From $64.99


Spaceship Ride (DisneyLand) - Patent
  • From $59.99

Teacup Ride (DisneyLand) - Patent
  • From $59.99