How To Make A Custom Etched Wood Map

See Gallery for more customer creations!

Send us the details.

We'll send you the artwork to review. 

Have these details ready for the next page:

  • Area (Google Maps screenshot recommended but not required)¬†
  • House or Landmarks to highlight (exact addresses of those locations)
  • Want your Name on It?¬†(example: "Mr & Mrs Taylor"¬†or "The Taylor Family Est. 1995 Lake Lanier, Georgia")
  • Additional Text Labels (full words, 3-4 labels max. Need more? Reach out to us first!)

Here are some fun additions people have added in the past:

  • Company Logo
  • Coordinates
  • Song Lyrics
  • Grandmas Recipe
  • A Special Message
  • Elevation Numbers (Auto Generated)
  • Famous Quotes

Do you have something specific in mind and want to workshop it with us first before you pay? Email us at or call us at (912) 228-6553 during store hours first before submitting anything! We love to talk maps, and we want it to be perfect!

Let's do this!

  1. Submit Detail Form & Pick Size/Color Options: **the setup fee is already included in price.

  2. Tweak & Approve. We'll send you a design proof by email within 1-2 business days. Don't worry if it's not perfect, you will have a chance to tweak the design before it goes to production. See our Revision Policy on the Detail Form.

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Send Us a Screenshot of Google Maps for the most precise area coverage. 

STEP 1: Take A Screenshot of Google Maps and upload it to the form. It's the best way to communicate to us everything you want to see in the artwork!


STEP 2: We'll email you a proof of your artwork to look over before it goes to production. You'll be able to tweak it in case its not perfect right away!


STEP 3: Take in all the glory as you've just become the smartest person, like, ever.


Topographical hiking trail? Oh yes! This customer reached out to us at and workshopped the design before it went to production. If you have something specific in mind like this, email us first!